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Siberia dating

to separate their world from aliens.” 'We remember the Great Wall of China, which was formed over several centuries and basically built by the third century BC, and Hadrian's Wall in Britain, at the decline of the late Roman Empire.

'In the same series of mammoth defensive structures is the Serpent's Wall [an ancient system of earthen fortifications that stretch across Ukraine, from the town of Zmiiv in the east to Podolia in the west], the beginning of the erection of which dates back to the late Bronze Age.' Interesting, but, there was similar and even stronger 'evidence' of a treasure train underground in Poland. A few chisel marks would be more convincing than the scans offered.

The western section of the ramparts were substantially lost when the modern-day village Souzga was widened.

'It is not easy to photograph the walls so that they are visible,' Andrey Borodovsky said. Yet Prof Borodovsky insists geophysical analysis using scans shows the structures here were manmade not natural.

'Geophysics has clearly confirmed that the Souzga walls were artificially created,' he told The Siberian Times.

'It is not very easy to determine the age of such constructions, when exactly they were created, but I believe it was around the first millennium BC - the beginning of new era.

Secondly, the aggravation of military conflicts and a significant increase in their scale.

Thirdly, the formation of large state and proto-state entities, which had economic, cultural and political boundaries and these boundaries ...

Lying off Siberia in the Arctic Ocean are the New Siberian Islands, the Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago, and other islands.

That is Iron Age or even Bronze Age, but more likely - Iron Age.

I'm basing this on the fact that it was the time when such constructions are created all over the world, for example the famous Hadrian's Wall also fits into this trend.

By Anna Liesowska, The Siberian Times Giant ramparts guarded Altai Mountains against attack from the north, says leading archaeologist Professor Andrey Borodovsky.

The wall complex - now almost hidden to the naked eye - is believed to date from a long era that also saw such constructions as the Great Wall of China and Hadrian's Wall.

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He has announced plans to conduct detailed research here next year, which - while not long in total length, with more than 1 kilometer identified - are high in historical significance.

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