Shounen ai dating sim game

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Shounen ai dating sim game

he's just sharing a world with the other various players who are all genuinely in a horror survival game. The author writes too painfully, since MC could have very well just talked things through with the other players as early as when he realised he didn't have the manual.

Therefore, really bad things can happen to the other players haha and they can die at any moment. If not, at least stay away from them if you're not going to help, for goodness' sake, you're killing them.

MC, for some reason, you would only get a gist of what he's feeling. The third arc broke my heart into a million pieces, I haven't cried that hard in a long time.

Also, BOSS hubby won't let anything bad happen to wifey hahahah. definitely doesn't bode well, when they're trying to stay alive.

Personally, I was really hoping Austin would win because he was my favorite boss/arc, but the bosses were all an aspect of each other, and technically a part of the system, so I guess it works out in the end. I was cackling midway with XZ flirting while everybody else wants to save their asses LOL I hope this updates frequently! If I was one of the players in the surviving game, I would piss myself. This is a refreshing concept in the plethora of transmigration yaoi novels.

The MC is loved~ My only wish is that I wanted to see more lovey dovey moments with the two in different copies in their data form. But because the novel is in the perspective of the MC, who is playing a love game, it's quite lighthearted and fun. The MC’s straightforward personality is cute (I like a bold shou/uke) and stands out against the tension of his environment.

Can they actually leave or is the system killing them all? The last world bored the mess out of me and the ending didn't really make sense to me.

The MC, I didn't really like, he just didn't really have any deep feelings for the mls (ml).

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