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) and reassures Jack that Billy won't be included in it.

Payments can be collected through your existing tools.

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Genuinely, even if she now goes on to have some sort of gay affair with Grayson behind Perdy's back (OKAY, OKAY, IT'S ONLY A HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION, THERE IS NO NEED TO ACTUALLY WORK OUT ALL THE TECHNICALITIES YET), I will simply pat her lovingly on the head and say, "Oh, Lexi, aren't you a silly-billy! Unfortunately, though, it might not taste that great) and tells Carrie that she wishes it had been her she was hitting. I remember the days when children were seen and not heard.

Well, actually, I don't, because I wasn't born in 1832, but I do at least remember the days when children worked out their problems on the Jeremy Kyle show, not by brawling on the street like common filth!

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