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In 2015, the EU adopted two decisions based on “the recent crisis situation in the Mediterranean,” which “prompted the Union institutions to immediately acknowledge the exceptional migratory flows in that region and call for concrete measures of solidarity towards the frontline Member States.” In November 2015, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia, located between Greece and Northern Europe sealed off their borders to everyone except for Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan nationals, stranding thousands of men, women and children in Idomeni, Greece, on the border to Macedonia.

Since Palestinian refugees from Syria are merely issued travel documents and substitute IDs but rarely Syrian citizenship or passports, even if refugees from Palestine are born in Syria, they were excluded from the groups of refugees prioritized by European countries.

The building of a fence of barbed wire between Greece and Turkey in 2012 forced many refugees to cross into Greece by sea instead of by land, putting their lives at risk and resulting in the deaths of many.

This fence is guarded by foot patrols and watchtowers equipped with thermal vision cameras to detect human movement across the border.

Only Croatia allowed entry to Palestinians on top of nationals of the three aforementioned countries.

Instead of granting Palestinian refugees the same rights as Syrians fleeing the same war, they were prohibited from passing Greek borders due to lack of proof of Syrian nationality, as the protection measures put in place only took into account Syrian nationals, and not any of the other ethnic or national groups residing in Syria.

“The Judicial Council has also instituted the necessary investigative processes to identify, for further disciplinary actions, other court officials, who may have collaborated in these alleged acts of grave misconduct,” the council’s secretary, Justice Alex B. One judge suffered a stroke and another collapsed after their names were mentioned on radio while some quietly tendered their resignation letters and official vehicles to the chief justice, but these were rejected, local media reported on Thursday.

A number of Ghanaians are outraged at the case and insist the full video be aired following reports that pressure was mounting on the investigative journalist to shelve the footage scheduled to be shown on September 22 at the Accra international conference centre.

Some were unable to do so due to the overload of refugees and the inaccessibility of the asylum system, while others preferred to continue to other EU countries and claim asylum there.This meant that if asylum seekers reached Greece and travelled to another EU country from there, they would be returned to Greece as it was their initial country of entry.These regulations put Greece under a lot of pressure to process asylum applications and offer shelter to the thousands of refugees fleeing Syria, especially considering the precarious economic situation of the Hellenic country these last few years.Morka Tjejer Sexmassage Göteborg Källmo Kanske Gratis Live Sexchatt Swingers Gratis Live Sex Chatta Vuxen Spel Tjejer Som Visar Fittan Kaalasluspa.“The Judicial Council would like to assure the general public that the outcome of these processes would be made fully public and no one will be spared appropriate sanctions, where culpability is established,” the statement said on Wednesday.

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The recommendation highlighted the importance of ensuring effective access to asylum procedures to all asylum seekers throughout Greece, to reinstate appeal committees, and to ensure the opening of 50,000 fully operational reception locations to receive asylum seekers and refugees and process their claims.