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We will have a raffle with Dress code is semi-formal. How many deer can be taken in the four archery-only counties (Logan, Mc Dowell, Mingo & Wyoming)? How many Class RB/RRB stamps can I purchase and how many deer can I kill?No, this area is closed to Archery hunting of ANY kind. Is there a special bucks-only muzzleloader deer season on Hillcrest WMA and Wilson Cove Area in lieu of the traditional buck firearm deer season? The traditional buck firearms hunting season on these areas is closed. The bag limit for antlered deer is one (1) for all seasons combined. After taking a buck with a muzzleloader on the Hillcrest WMA during muzzleloader season (Nov. 1, 2018) can I harvest an additional deer with my muzzleloader on an RG/RRG stamp? The RG/RRG stamp is not valid for taking a deer during the muzzleloader season. Does a nonresident hunter, possessing a Class E license need a muzzleloader deer hunting stamp (Class VV) in order to participate during the muzzleloader season for bucks in the Wilson Cove SA or Hillcrest WMA? Wilson Cove Area is located in Hardy County on the George Washington National Forest, Wardensville WMA. This is in the counties where the antlerless deer season and the buck firearms season are open at the same time.Instead, there will be a special buck muzzleloader season Nov. Hillcrest WMA and Wilson Cove Area have an antlered deer bag limit of one (1). Are scopes allowed on muzzleloaders during the muzzleloader season? It is located at the head of Waites Run, approximately 6 miles South of Wardensville following State Route 5/1 Q. To hunt antlerless deer a valid Class N/NN stamp is required for all hunters regardless of age except for resident tenants (residing on the property), resident landowners and their resident children hunting on their own land or land of their resident parents and resident parents hunting antlerless deer on their resident children’s land; and holders of a Class DT license.Hunters may take two (2) deer - one (1) on the base license and one (1) on an RB or RRB stamp or two (2) on RB or RRB stamps if the first deer was taken in a county open to buck firearms season; however, in any case one (1) of the two (2) deer taken must be an antlerless deer. Archery and crossbow deer hunters may purchase two (2) Class RB/RRB stamps and take two (2) deer on these tags.

During the May, 2015 Natural Resources Commission meeting, the Commission approved crossbows for use during this special season.

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Can I hunt antlerless deer during the antlerless deer season on the Wilson Cove SA or Hillcrest WMA using a conventional rifle? After taking a buck with a muzzleloader in the Wilson Cove SA or Hillcrest WMA during the muzzleloader season (Nov. 1, 2018), can I take part in the late muzzleloader season for deer of either sex? Class N/NN Antlerless Deer Stamps These stamps are not county specific. Do I need a Class N/NN stamp to hunt antlerless deer during the buck firearms season? Unless you are exempt from having to purchase one (i.e., resident landowner). Can I purchase more than one Class N/NN stamp and do I have to purchase it before the antlerless deer season?

Yes, except for the early special muzzleloader season (Nov. 1, 2018) when deer may only be hunted with a muzzleloader or crossbow. Yes, provided you do not hunt antlered deer (The bag limit for antlered deer is one (1) for all seasons combined). A hunter may purchase more than one (1) Class N/NN stamp for the season and counties open to antlerless deer hunting. Can a nine-year-old hunter hunt antlerless deer during the regular antlerless deer season?

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Technically no; however the archery and crossbow seasons run concurrently and license requirements are the same for both seasons.

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