Sex dating in tomah wisconsin

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Sex dating in tomah wisconsin

He also admitted there was always something exchanged--whether it was drugs or money.

"He told police that he had sex with at least ten women, that he had been beaten up twice, that he was abused, he had all the drugs he wanted, he had a place to live, a phone, they took care of him but he had been trafficked during that entire time frame."But the information he provided detectives with, was limited and often times missing key parts.

She says the efforts, in some way, will help bring justice for Jeffrey and other children who are sex trafficked in Wisconsin each year.

A cheap, older hotel; it was a bit run-down and dirty, but the beds were comfortable.

"These women paid for sex with him."Money, he never kept.

"They provided him with all new clothes, new shoes, lots of jewelry, cell phones, lots of drugs," she said.

"So it would be difficult to have somebody testify to these things and be allowed to be cross examined so that might be the bar in this case, why it can't go forward," said Gruenke.

"That they were in control at all times that they had him."She explains Jeffrey dealt with drug addiction for most of his teen years, going in and out of juvenile detention centers and running away from home was a habit.Lisa says although Jeffrey didn't exactly say he was sex trafficked, he was open with her about some of the things he did and why he did them."I didn't realize it was trafficking at that time, I thought it was just prostitution, I didn't realize the difference at that point."She says she even heard from others, Jeffrey was being sold on craigslist.Which means disclosing any and all information won't be used against them.Another bill will make soliciting a sexually explicit photo, recording or representation from a minor, a crime. The final bill increases the penalty for having sex with a person under the age of 18 from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 1 felony.

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(WKBT) - Sex trafficking is the focus of a new effort by Wisconsin's Department of Justice.

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