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For instance, if the tenant receives the Notice to Cease on October 20 and the next rent is due on November 1, the Notice to Quit would specify November 30 as being the termination date.

If the tenant does not vacate by the date set forth in the Notice, the landlord may file an eviction based upon the violations set forth in the notice. Mirne has filed several evictions based upon overcrowding.

A New Jersey woman was honored in the nation’s capital today by the Victims’ Rights Caucus for her work on behalf of sexual assault victims in New Jersey.

At a ceremony on Capitol Hill, Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04) presented constituent Nicole Norberto with the “Eva Murillo Unsung Hero Award.” Nicole is a survivor of a sexual assault that occurred in 2003 in Jackson Township, New Jersey.

After the arrest of her attacker, Nicole, only 15 years old at the time, sought prosecution of the man who assaulted her and appropriate restraints to protect herself from further harassment and abuse.

She was advised by a court clerk that she could not request a restraining order from the judge because she was not in a “dating relationship” with her attacker.

“After her assault, Nicole made a decision to take a stand and that is the reason I nominated her for this Award; she put her own safety and comfort at risk so that future victims would not be saddled with the same inequities in the law she faced as a victim of sexual assault, for not being in a ‘dating relationship,’” Smith said.

Prior to Nicole’s advocacy, victims of sexual assault who fell outside of the domestic violence statute were not eligible for permanent restraining orders.

In addition to the individual protection provided by Nicole’s Law, the state law also enables victims to have greater confidence in the administration of justice.

The pressure of the collision between North America and Africa gave rise to the Appalachian Mountains.

Around 18,000 years ago, the Ice Age resulted in glaciers that reached New Jersey.

Under the IPMC, Section 404.4, a bedroom must measure at least 70 square feet for a single occupant.

Additional occupants shall require an additional 50 square feet per person.

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