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In 2014, Rogen emerged before the United States Congress to urge more government funding to combat Alzheimer.Rogen is over-sensitive and discerning about Alzheimer’s as his wife’s both parents suffer from this grueling disease.Rogen confessed that this disease compelled him to act. The main objective of ‘Hilarity to Charity ‘was to create massive awareness about Alzheimer’s among the teens.Rogen and his wife are positive that their education campaign eradicates the stigma associated with the devitalizing disease.

Rogen explained that the proposal was not effortless and he emphasized to avoid a conversation then.

Rogen’s voice is as prominent and famed as his face.

Rogen began his voice over career in 2007 in the animated flick ‘Shrek the Third.’ Hands down to Judd Apatow, who managed reveal this talent machine to the world.

The couple has never lived separately and share a melodious bond.

Seth Rogen has been very sensitive towards his wife’s family.

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Seth made his TV debut with NBC’s teen comedy show Freaks and Geeks in 1999 and appeared until 2000 as Ken Miller.

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