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Seriouslydatingandengaged com

We each wrote out of our own experience and share what we’ve learned.In each guidebook, there is space for personal writing and reflection and conversation questions for you to discuss with one another afterward.Many of those are listed under resources on our website.In all forums we combine our testimony of God’s grace and faithfulness in our own marriage with teaching innovative communication and relationship skills.Individual Spouses in Conflicted Marriages Sometimes only one party is ready to work on the marriage.Though we prefer to work with both spouses, we can meet with one of them one-on-one (same sex) or meet as a couple with a spouse either in person or by phone.We do some of this combined with coaching as the client needs.Assessments We are certified in assessments to help couples and individuals know where to focus on their relationship during coaching.

As a part of this journey, we reached out to our “Top 12” couples. We wanted to make sure that if we are going to share this part of our lives with you, it is rooted in truth and experience.The skills we teach are transportable between work and home environments.It’s exciting to see the multiplied impact that can be had through the interconnections of the workplace.Many people spend as many waking hours at work as they do at home, so those relationships are important also.Sharon has worked with businesses, home school leadership teams, chambers of commerce, and church small group leadership teams, using the assessments for individuals and for team building workshops.

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We believe passionately that couples need practical communication skills in their relationship, so we often teach at least three of them in almost any setting.

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