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Beautiful Serbian women are tall, lanky thin, and have thick glossy hair, predominantly brunette. They have a mysterious look , fuller lips, and for the most part their skin tone is between fair and beige.Most of them have amazing figures and are ideally proportioned, no matter what their age.Love all the people, but wouldn’t like their daugher marrying a Gypsy, or a Catholic.The good: Sense of humor, friendliness (yes, it does contradict the previous passages - the country is full of contradictions :) ), ingenuity (improvise way out of problems, or difficult situations). A person lying/falling in the street will have someone approach and try to help, still, in spite of everything, unlike in some “western” countries - even if it’s “just a drunk bum”.Love to drink, but handle alcohol well - compared to most westerners (Irish and Russians are close :) ).The bad: In terms of character, Serbian society is now at the level of a spoilt puberty child - not ready to take responsibility for what’s happening to them and their choices, blaming others, living and planning from day to day.Another “exceptional” trait is that you can expect everyone to try to trick you.

Most people here in the street (both men and women) are frustrated, nervous.

The pre 1990 was the best country to live in IMO and the good traits of mentality/character were prevalent.

As for today: Generally speaking (which means average, with all the restraints that gives).

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Before you come to Serbia, I suggest you exercise your neck.

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