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Any trial looking at AEs would require a large number of subjects to accurately assess.Even with the advent of continually updated guidelines, AEs are still a concern for any practitioner.

If a sleeping baby wakes up during the test, the test will take longer because the baby will need to fall back asleep again to finish the test.There exist no multicentered, accurately powered trials to detect the frequency of AEs associated with sedation in pediatric patients. 90%) or "successful sedation," as well as the particular drugs used or studied.Data from several individual, retrospective studies indicate that the incidence of overall AEs due to pediatric sedation ranges from 0.6% to 25% sat ? The newly formed Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium (PSRC), comprised of 35 institutions, is dedicated to improving sedation and anesthesia practices via a database where individual events can be shared by participating institutions.If your child has a sedated ABR, ask if you can stay with your child during the test.You might need to stay in the waiting room during the test.

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Children who have a sedated ABR may go to a recovery area while they wake up from the sedation.

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