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Scriptural principles for dating

We need to teach our sons that they need a helper and teach our daughters that the Lord has a man who needs their help. Yes, a godly spouse will be an incredible blessing to them, but if they ever expect to gain from that person what they can truly find in God alone, the results will be devastating.

This being said, we must also teach them that no spouse will ever fulfill their desires. The Bible does teach that the Lord sovereignly chooses to grant the gift of celibacy to some.

If unfallen man needed a helper, how much more does fallen man?

When Christian singles find themselves yearning for a godly spouse, it is a good thing which they desire.

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This is an evaluation image and is Copyright Acclaim Images LLC. Someone posed a question to the group about whether or not there was anything he should do with regard to something he knew a female friend was planning.

I do not have a new scheme that will solve all our problems and ensure that our children will all end up with great marriages and live lives free from heartache.

If a young woman or man has not attained an unusual ability to mortify these particular lusts, I think it is a very strong sign that the Lord has not given them the gift of celibacy.

He said something to the effect of: “She’s over 18, so she can make her own decisions and her parent’s knowledge or blessing is irrelevant.” I was dumbfounded that a mature Christian who taught at a well known seminary could make such a statement. Where in Scripture do we find the idea that a woman leaves the protective care and authority of her father for any other reason than being given to a husband?

I bring this up, not simply because it is shocking, but because it reveals just how much Christians can unwittingly imbibe from culture without realizing how unscriptural it may be.

I promised a follow up to my last post about dating/courtship in which I would flesh out some of the scriptural principles I believe must guide us through the difficult waters of courtship and dating in our day.

As I stated from the beginning, I do not claim to have all the answers.

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It is not until verse 18 of chapter 2 that He describes something as not good. God did not create man to live a solitary existence, he created a helper comparable to him.

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  1. I’ve described this kind of thing as people wearing a pretty “mask” at the beginning of a relationship and how, if you know about this, you’ll make sure to see the person behind the mask (and not mistake their pretty “mask” as who they actually are).

  2. Levy (1974) when the Court held the military was essentially a "specialized society from civilian society", which necessitated stricter guidelines.