Scottish dating traditions

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Scottish dating traditions

“At the American wedding our groomsmen wore kilts as well.”Your particular Scottish ancestry will determine the traditions of your ceremony.

“There are Celtic, Gaelic, and Norman backgrounds that dictate traditions,” says Taryn.

It’s a fun group dance for all the guests, with lots of participation.” Many of the steps, like the swing-your-partner moves, resemble square dancing in rural America, while when the guests circle dance, it suggests the traditional circle dance of Israel, the hora.

“We married under a chuppah and broke the glass, the Rabbi read the Seven Blessings, and we did a hora as well as the ceilidh dance!

These days, a dime or a copper penny is substituted.”There are gift-giving traditions in many cultures, and about a week before the ceremony, the mother of the Scottish bride will hold a “show of presents” for her daughter.

It’s like our bridal shower, and the bride’s friends bring gifts to help her in her new home.

In 2004, some handfastings in Scotland became legally recognized as part of the wedding ceremony when the Pagan Federation of Scotland gained authorization to legally perform weddings.

These weddings, as you’d expect, typically incorporate a handfasting as the main focus.

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