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Scottish dating america

The first "godly bond" of the Lords of the Congregation and their followers is dated December 1557; but more important is the covenant of 1581, drawn up by John Craig in consequence of the strenuous efforts Roman Catholics were making to regain their hold upon Scotland, and called the King's Confession or Negative Confession.

Fearing further measures on the part of the king, it occurred to Archibald Johnston (Lord Warriston) to revive the Negative Confession of 1581 in a form suited to the times.The Covenant was adopted and signed by a large gathering in the kirkyard of Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh, on 28 February 1638, after which copies were sent throughout the country for signing.The subscribers engaged by oath to maintain religion in the form that it existed in 1580, and to reject all innovations introduced since that time, while also professing loyalty to the king.There are frequent gatherings in restaurants, bars, churches, museums or country walks.The Christian Connection discussion boards are a popular way to share stories, advice and opinions about life as a single Christian.

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