Scott moir is dating jessica dube

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Scott moir is dating jessica dube

And if you appreciate these kinds of Venn Diagrams, take note that Thursday was also when the roster of our first non-National Hockey League men's Olympic team in 24 years was announced.

Well, it was on this very UBC ice surface that Canada's first men's national Olympic team was created.

VANCOUVER — This week's overriding purpose of the Doug Mitchell (yes, Ticat CEO Scott Mitchell's father) Thunderbird Sports Centre is to choose Canada's Olympic figure skating team.

But it's also the national championships for novice, juniors and seniors (from whose ranks the Pyeongchang team will be selected).

"I guess it's a testament to how strong our generation was, right from a young age," Davison told The Spectator.

"Scott and Tessa and Patrick were at the top very, very young. It'll be very interesting for me to watch, because I haven't witnessed it before as a coach." Virtue says: "It's been so cool to have lived this process side by side, competitively and also on tour, which is a unique environment on its own.

In the women's short program, Rochette of Ile Dupas, Que., was first with a score of 56.60. The performance by Belbin, a native of Kingston, Ont., who also holds American citizenship, and Agosto have a .31-point lead entering the free dance Friday.

Moran said the eye was not affected and nothing was [email protected] | @miltonatthespec Steve Milton has spent 33 years of his 42-year sports-writing career at the Hamilton Spectator, most of that as an award-winning columnist.He is a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the Skate Canada Hall of Fame and is also the author or co/author of 25 books.Davison, of Cambridge, Ont., comforted her as the medical staff rushed onto the ice, put her on a stretcher and took her to a local hospital.The skaters were on the third rotation of a side-by-side camel - where one leg is parallel to the ice as they spin - when Davison began to travel toward Dube, catching her with his skate.

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Valerie Marcoux of Gatineau, Que., and Craig Buntin, Kelowna, B. In ice dance, Montreal's Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon slipped to second place after the original dance event. The bottom of Belbin's black with red trim knee-length dress caught her left skate in the middle of the program.