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If you look back on those four years, I’m quite sure that you’ll find that most of that time you were probably just having fun and banging chicks after the last relationship you had that didn’t work out, not being a serious male provider hunter looking for a girlfriend or wife. If you feel like killing yourself just because a woman left you, even if you don’t actually mean it but feel that bad, what does that say about you? So if, out of those four years, you spent 2.5 years just getting laid and having fun, then it didn’t take you four years to find her. So stop being a dumbass and artificially expanding the numbers to make your bullshit pity-party look worse than it really is. Go here and look at how I actually had to shut down the comments in that thread because dumped guys were threatening to kill themselves, all because their girlfriends broke up with them. There’s a flip side to this, a sort of mirror image to .During this time, the pain of the relationship ending is so distressing that some men often go temporarily insane or stupid, doing or saying horrifically absurd things they would normally not.Quick Definition: A mental metaphor that one holds that says “every resource in life has a limited availability and that protection of existing assets should prioritize over the accumulation of new ones.” Full Definition: A lot of AFCs, as perceived by PUAs, have an extreme case of scarcity mentality.

During those two years, do you know what you’ll be doing?

In the past, I've had problems with overspending, overeating, video game addiction, alcohol consumption, and borderline hoarding behavior.

(I'm a compulsive collector of Stuff.) of this — the collecting, the addictive tendencies, the lack of self-control — stems from a scarcity mentality.

This mental frame is often the source of jealousy, anger, and even envy among friends.

In general, the pick up community teaches the concept of “scarcity mentality” to encourage students to approach, and not view a “failed pick up” as anything more than a learning experience.

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