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Santa cruz dating scene

On top of that, the museum is managed by volunteers, funded by donations and is always free to visit."It's a gem," Stoner says, standing in the museum he helped create.

It might be enough to stand outside the lighthouse, smell the salty air, hear the waves crashing on Steamer Lane below you, and imagine when 140 years ago three Hawaiian princes lugged a 200-pound piece of wood into the freezing water, paddled out, and stood up off the California coastline for the first time.

"For a young woman to be able to be in the ocean with these kind of gnarly guys ... Given what she went through back then, she has a remarkably positive — and forgiving — attitude.

"I've been kicked, spit on, slugged, you know, everything.

One of my favorite things about the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is that it's such a labor of love.

Stoner tells me that nearly everything we're looking at was donated by the local community — fellow surfers digging in their garages for old boards and photos, talking to family members and sharing their own stories.

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Stoner raps it with his knuckles, and it sounds like he's knocking on a door. In the 1990s, Jane "The Lane" Mc Kenzie makes an appearance in the museum.

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