Sammi cheng and andy hui dating

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Andy stated that he was drunk at the time of the incident after celebrating a friend's birthday, though stressed that it was not an excuse for his behaviour."I am sorry for the people who have cherished me, because I have done something that cannot be remedied and not forgiven. I would like to take responsibility for my action," he said.The singer also announced that he will suspend all work to reflect on himself, and to correct all wrongs.A tearful Hui apologised at a press conference on Tuesday evening, watched by hundreds of thousands of people online.

The affair between Hong Kong singer Andy Hui and TVB actress Jacqueline Wong started because Hui allegedly told Wong that his marriage with Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng was on the rocks.

When the couple finally decided to tie the knot, it seemed to be the perfect fairytale ending with Hong-Kong actor-comedian Dayo Wong calling their story, "the fairy tale of fairy tales".

However, that fairytale image was recently shattered when Hui was seen cheating on his wife of five years Sammi Cheng Sau in a 16-minute long video.

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Cantopop's golden couple 46-year-old Sammi Cheng and her husband 51-year-old Andy Hui have always had a roller-coaster-like relationship which has been through many ups and downs and has its share of twists and unexpected turns.

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Their romance can be traced to when they were both starting out in the entertainment industry and has been regarded as a “local romance legend”.

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