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If these messages lack any protections, an attacker could simply modify the response to, for example, claim to be somebody else.If I log in to the Id P as “Tim” then I could simply alter the response document to claim to be “Emmanuel” instead.The usual mechanism for this passes the SAML response certifying the user’s identity through the web browser, using a signature to prevent tampering.Unfortunately, many SAML consumers don’t validate responses properly, allowing attacks up to and including full authentication bypass.There are three major ways of sending a message for web SSO, which the standard refers to as “bindings”: The first two of these can have some serious implementation issues.As described previously, SAML responses are generally passed either in the URL like this:or in the body of a POST request like this: Both of these forms can be manipulated by an attacking user as it passes through their browser.When signing in to a site with SAML 2.0, there are three parties involved – the Service Provider (‘SP’, the web application we want to access), the Principal (the user logging in) and the Identity Provider (‘Id P’, the authority).We want to accomplish the aim of getting the Identity Provider to tell the Service Provider, in a trustworthy way, who the Principal is.

For repeated attempts, you may benefit from intercepting a single endpoint only in Burp using interception options like this: The SAML standard requires that all messages passed through insecure channels, such as the user’s browser, be signed.As described above, signatures can appear in various places within the SAML message and cover various parts of the message.By keeping the content of the message but adding new parts and modifying the structure of the remaining parts, we can craft messages that are still technically signed correctly, but may be interpreted by SAML libraries as having crucial parts signed when they are not.Unfortunately, as is often the case, one-size-fits-all becomes the-only-size-fits-nobody.In a normal application of digital signatures, we take a document to be signed, run it through a cryptographic hash function, and then apply a digital signature algorithm to the hash.

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When validating an XML signature it’s not enough to ask the question “is this a valid signature from this signer? We also have to ask “is this signature present, referring to the right part of the document, applying all the right canonicalizations, from the expected signer AND valid? All too often, at least one of these checks is not implemented.

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