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Saigon dating

However Lush might have more hookers than the others on this list.

Chill Sky Bar is a great place to go for a date or to pick up that has an amazing view of the city.

When girls in Ho Chi Minh City want to get laid they go to: When approach spots are hard to come by for day game and the girls aren’t likely to want to get laid the first time you meet them in nightclubs where should you turn?

Try meeting single girls in Ho Chi Minh City online.

If you want hookers you can find that info on other sites, this is more about where the non hooker Saigon girls go to party.

Expect it to take a few dates before girls in Saigon will want to get laid, and they also will hope that it is in a relationship that is actually going somewhere, not just a fling.The girls here are some of the hottest in Asia, but they are not the easiest for foreign men to get laid with.This post on how to pick up single girls in Ho Chi Minh City will hopefully be able to help you out.Saigon Square is a very busy place and lots of sexy single ladies go there every day and night.It is pretty crowded and not the best place in the world to approach girls, but it is definitely a target rich environment.

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  1. Congress Park is the perfect place to stroll together or just sit in silence while you cuddle each other. Catch a boat trip to Rondout Lighthouse Be approachable wherever you go It’s not just bars and nightclubs where you need to be approachable.