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Romances in wales welsh dating friend

Diana became known as Lady Diana after her father later inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975, at which point her father moved the entire family from Park House to Althorp, the Spencer seat in Northamptonshire.In London, she took an advanced cooking course, but seldom cooked for her roommates.This was followed by an invitation to Balmoral (the royal family's Scottish residence) to meet his family one weekend in November 1980.

She was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, and the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.She took a series of low-paying jobs; she worked as a dance instructor for youth until a skiing accident caused her to miss three months of work.She then found employment as a playgroup pre-school assistant, did some cleaning work for her sister Sarah and several of her friends, and acted as a hostess at parties.The details of their marital difficulties became increasingly publicised, and the marriage ended in divorce in 1996.As Princess of Wales, Diana undertook royal duties on behalf of the Queen and represented her at functions across the Commonwealth realms.

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