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How could you not question your love for someone when your story doesn't line up with what you believe defines a happily ever after? Never has been, never will be, and yet, we are all looking for that perfect individual.We are all looking to become that perfect individual.Once we no longer accept that as a necessity, we will lose the ability to create a loving relationship. The problem is such movies are incredibly inaccurate and often end up doing more harm than good.They create impossible expectations -- expectations that always leave us disappointed in the end, not to mention confused.The problem is instant gratification is addicting and often becomes a habit, a habit that tends to seep into our love lives.Love isn't meant to be experienced in an instance, but in a lifetime.This goes hand in hand with our culture's need for instant gratification.

Whether this is good or bad doesn't really matter; the world is the way it is. The problem arises when our egocentricity overtakes our ability to feel empathy.Worse yet, it makes finding someone to love infinitely more difficult.You're wasting your time with people who mean nothing to you and, to top it all off, you are likely to turn sex into a sport.And what the relationship often needs is for you to compromise.So you're left with a dilemma, which is fine, as long as you accept that compromises need to be made. We grew up on Disney movies and learned all about love through the stories they told -- or at least I did.

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Every time you date someone who isn't right for you, you're giving up your chance to meet someone who is. When we're a part of a relationship, we are only a piece of a greater whole.

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