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Roman dating kalends

For centuries afterward, Romans referred to the first day of each month as Kalendae or Kalends from the Latin word calare (to announce solemnly, to call out). Of the three sections, Kalends was the longest – it had more days than the other two combined.

That’s because it spanned more than two lunar phases, starting from the day after full moon and continuing thru its last quarter and waning period, then past the dark new moon until another lunar crescent was sighted. It was dedicated to Juno, a principal goddess of the Roman Pantheon.

Unnamed days in the early Roman month were assigned a number by counting down following the day of each named phase, day by day, ending with the next of those three phases.

The first numbered day in each section had the section’s highest value.

The Romans borrowed parts of their earliest known calendar from the Greeks.

When he first sighted a thin lunar crescent he called out that there was a new moon and declared the next month had started.

The archaic form of the K, for Kalends, was used in front of the name of the month.

The first letter was called the Nundinae ("nine day") , or the Nundinal letter, and it represented the market day.

If the market day for this year was E then this would be a market day.

The second letter signifies the type of religious or legal observance required or permitted on this day.

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The days were each identified with certain letters and names.