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Rodney alcala dating game pics

When he killed 14-year-old runaway Regina Kay Walters in a barn in Illinois, he captured a chilling moment where she appears to back away from him, clearly frightened.

Rhoades’s photos of Walters were also used as evidence that he had held her captive for a long time, based on her hair growth and the bruising on her tiny frame.

In 1984, Bradford met barmaid Shari Miller in a Los Angeles bar and told her he was a professional photographer who could help build her modeling portfolio.

He took her to a remote campsite, where she posed for him. Bradford then sliced off her tattoos and ditched the body in an alley.

Many serial killers collect twisted and chilling souvenirs, often referred to as “trophies,” from the scenes of their crimes.

This can be anything from a lock of their victim’s hair to one of their personal belongings.

Alcala was sentenced to death for the murders of five women, although it’s believed the real victim count could be as high as 130.

Alongside the disturbing images, police also discovered human remains at his home, including two skulls and notebooks on torture.

Serial killer and necrophile Jerry Brudos was known as The Lust Killer for his perverse attraction to his victims.

Following an attempted attack on a woman who managed to escape, the police were alerted, and the hunt for the killer began.

When police managed to catch up with him, Glatman eventually confessed and revealed his “toolbox,” which contained all the chilling photos of the victims.

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