Reverse lookup ptr records not updating

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This zone is directly related to the size of your IP network.

For example in IPv4/24 network, you will have 255 IP addresses.

These contain additional settings that can be deployed by the DHCP server. First your router is not a DNS server, so if your Server is offline, the clients will attempt to use the router as a DNS source to resolve internal names.

Since the Router does not have a DNS table, it does not know the names so it then forwards the requests to its DNS servers.

In short a PTR record is like a reverse version of A record.

A record maps domain name to an IP address, PTR maps an IP address to a hostname. For example, A record of can point to IP address, while can be mapped to a totally different hostname. This record adds reliability for sending server and allows receiving end to check the hostname of an IP address.

All devices, connected to the internet have their IP addresses. They create trust, matching the IP addresses with the hostname/domain.

This makes it easy to do a reverse DNS lookup and see who is it on the other side. PTR is short of a pointer, it is straightforward, by checking the IP address, you get to the hostname/domain. It is opposite to how the DNS works, instead of writing the domain and getting to the A record, you start with the IP address and get the domain name. They are essential for any outgoing mail server; without them, all the e-mails will get rejected and go straight to the spam.

You just add a new record; this will be for the first IP Type: PTR Host: 1 Points to: hostname1.The PTR records will look like this in the Control Panel: Host: Type: Points to: TTL hostname1.1 Hour Then, make sure that there is a matching A record. For more information on how to create PTR record including a video tutorial, visit this page.Well, you can, but don't expect to be able to send email to anyone on AOL, Comcast, and a multitude of other domains.The reason is that these providers REQUIRE that the sending IP address have a reverse lookup.As you can see, r DNS is is critical for business success.You can use Reverse DNS zones from Clou DNS for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

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I deleted all DHCP leases and tried restartig the DHCP services on the client side but still not updating. Have you check secure dynamic update in all the zone. X network] Also have you tried clearing the dns cache, clearing the controller cache (ipconfig /flushdns), reregistering the controller (ipconfig /registerdns), reconciling stale records and reloading the server datafiles???

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