Replication error updating replica Chattubecam

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Replication error updating replica

What I think is done right now is loop over all updated rows and delete them (by object_id) from the replication target and then insert the new row. If we're not careful about ordering it might happen that we try to insert a conflicting row before we get a chance to resolve the conflict by deleting the blocking row from the target. Clients cannot write to the replica set until the members elect a new primary.Example Given a three-member replica set where every member has one vote, the set can elect a primary if at least two members can connect to each other.

command line option is set for the binary, the binary additionally binds to the localhost IPv6 address.

at least one of the rebooted secondaries also becomes available, the set has no primary and cannot elect a new primary. The output displays the size of the oplog and the date ranges of the operations contained in the oplog.

In the following example, the oplog is about 10 MB and is able to fit about 26 hours (94400 seconds) of operations: The oplog should be long enough to hold all transactions for the longest downtime you expect on a secondary.

[1] At a minimum, an oplog should be able to hold minimum 24 hours of operations; however, many users prefer to have 72 hours or even a week’s work of operations.

Originally submitted by Richard ===================================================== Hi Andrea, I have now been playing with cool Replicate (in the Wed dev nightly) a bit (using SQLite), and seem to have hit a bug.

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