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I was reminded of this recently when a colleague of mine opened his lunch bag and accidentally dropped a note from his wife on the break room floor.

It was a rare opportunity to make the colleague blush with embarrassment.

It can also become manipulative, a vain giving of temporary attention in order to lead another along a forbidden path into sexual sin.

The playfulness of flirting goes wrong in serial flirting, when these types of advances are the only way an immature man knows how to interact with women, or vice versa.

This force has been in play at least since Isaac and Rebekah were caught “laughing” together (Genesis 26:8), a type of “laughing” that was of course far beyond simple spicy talk (ahem). If we rewind all the way back to the beginning of time, perhaps the first human interaction began with an awkward silence, a head-to-toe curiosity of the other, and then a flirtatious moment between Adam and Eve?

Over time couples create their own complex lexicon of terms and phrases and nicknames, subtle metaphors with not-so-subtle meanings, that can only be decoded by one another.Hopefully the man in this case is confronted soon, because adulterous flirtation, even if it’s a fantasy in his own twisted brain, needs to be killed for the sake of his own soul and marriage and family.His flirtations are robbery; stolen attention from the woman God has given him. Mentioned above was a flirtatious pastor, and although I wish the theme of flirting pastors was one we didn’t have to address, we do.Social media normalizes voyeurism and makes it possible to stare at pictures of attractive people.On social media, perhaps flirtations begin with studying a woman’s picture.

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