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Regina hall dating felix

He told Unsung Hollywood that she is “one of the most beautiful, funny, amazing women” he’s ever met, and that his fear of commitment was what cut their potential romance short. “We never were in that space — you know, that’s just like somebody I care about as a friend,” he explained. I loved their little quiet time in prayer,” she recalled. I remember they were having a number of young girls join the convent, and I was like, I would like that.”While she attempted to join a sect in 2010, the rules about her age and how many partners she had been with kept from being accepted.

By year 2011, Regina Hall had featured in more than 25 total movies and TV shows combined.

This romantic comedy movie had been based on Harvey’s book, .

Though a little bit different from the first one she had featured more than a decade before, it still remains one of the best displays of her hilarious personality.

After the successful completion of her high school education, she enrolled at Fordham University in New York City –where she pursued a bachelor degree in English until she graduated in 1992.

Soon after, she enrolled at the New York University where she earned her Journalism Master’s degree in 1997.

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