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Red flag dating book

During a race, it is displayed at the end of a caution period or a temporary delay to indicate that the race is restarting.The waving of a green flag is almost universally supplemented with the illumination of green lights (resembling traffic lights) at various intervals around the course, particularly on ovals.In addition, the green, yellow, and red flags described below may be augmented or replaced by lights at various points around the circuit.The solid green flag is usually displayed by the starter to indicate the start of a race.

When there are circumstances where double-waved yellow flags are needed yet usage of the safety car is not warranted, then the race will be under a Virtual Safety Car period, during which all flag points will display a "VSC board" and all light panels on track will display the letters "VSC" surrounded by a flashing yellow border.

This flag is shown at the discretion of the marshals manning the station.

When the safety car is on the circuit, all flag points will display a "safety car board" (a large white board with "SC" in large black lettering).

Once declared, all flag points will display a "FCY board" and all cars on track must immediately slow down to 80 km/h and maintain their distance to the cars in front and behind.

Overtaking is forbidden until green flags are waved.

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When deemed safe to end the VSC procedure, teams are notified via the official messaging system 10 to 15 seconds before green flags are waved.

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