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Geoff and Nicole tried to light a fire and catch some fish, but were not very successful.

James called the situation "hopeless", but said that when they found ways to make each other laugh, they realised how much they meant to each other.

During an interview published in Inside Soap, Lewis revealed that he had auditioned for Ric Dalby in 2004, making it down to the final three, before Mark Furze got the part.

Then in 2007, Lewis auditioned for Drew Curtis and made it to the final two – only for Bobby Morley to be given the role.

Lewis thought that Geoff and Melody were similar as they were both naive and had sheltered upbringings.

The actor spent two years auditioning for a role on the show, before he was offered the part of Geoff.

He was surprised to get the part as he thought his audition had not been very good.

Lewis relocated to Sydney for filming and he cut his long hair for the character.

Once they were rescued, Geoff and Nicole returned to the Bay and their romance took another shock turn.

Because he and Nicole had sex before marriage, Geoff felt the only way to make things right was to ask Nicole to marry him.

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Of the moment he learned he had secured a role in Home and Away, Lewis said "I was in a furniture shop with my mum and aunty when [the producers] called to say I had got the job. I am just so stoked to be here doing this and it still hasn't really sunk in yet." Aden disliked Geoff at first due to the fact that Geoff was more talented at football and to Aden, represented "the hypocrisy of society." Aden was convinced that Geoff was just "as flawed as everyone else, and just as full of sin." Geoff believed that it was just the thing to pull Aden "out of his funk" following the death of his wife.

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