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Real social dynamics online dating

The past 2 days, the past 2 nights, I've been having so much fun in the club.

I would've never dreamed that I could have this much fun.

Well I think that Jeff has expanded on what I already believed… Hi my name is Michael Meronic, I'm from Canada, and I'd just like to say that I'm a totally different person after this conference.

he definitely gave me some motivation on how to improve and where I was coming from. You can do it too, it's not something that's like superpowers or anything. It's really opened up my eyes, not just about pick up, but about my life, and fulfilment, and what I want to do with my time while I'm here.

The threesome bit was great and, you know, Jeff just kinda showing his soul, where he started from a low point and not covering that up and just saying, "Hey I was way down here," and then giving all of his heart and putting himself on the line just shows anybody can do it. I just got out of the Jeffy seminar and I must say Jeffy is the man! Come check this out because he will teach you how to live the life of like a Rockstar. The idea is just to go out and try it, experience it. It's just all encompassing, I'm just blown away at this point.

He stuck with it, and it's like any of us could be that guy, just takes a little bit of work, that's the main thing to remember. I'd say it's comprehensive, it's from the ground up, it covers..covered everything, from meeting the girl in the bar, to how to get her home. He goes down in detail to get you through the whole pick-up: from the approach, to on the phone, to the Day 2, I mean anything you want to know about pick-up's here. Well the great things I learned from Jeffy are basically the phone game, how to get rid of all these nervous little body ticks..what lines to use… If you're on the edge about buying the program, just buy it!

And it just taught me to grab onto it, go with it, go with what you know inside, develop it, and it will come out."Hey, this is Eric, let's do something, I wanna see you, whatever." Just keep it simple.That one's big because you don't want to rattle on. I mean whether you're old, bald, ugly, whether you think you're ugly...doesn't matter.Another very important thing about picking up women and meeting them is to understand how a woman thinks.And there was a lot of insight given by Jeff about how a woman thinks.

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You know, that side you feel brewing beneath the surface and when you’ve seen it “flicker” women have ever felt a “spark” of something more RAW inside yourself, a dimension of your personality that you KNOW is as legitimate (if not more) as every other, but for some reason society has taught you to suppress??