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Women, particularly in long-term relationships, put more emphasis on such attributes as intelligence, earning potential, and sincerity," said Simonson.He said study participants were asked ahead of time what they would prefer in a partner.So, what do men and women really look for in a date? And his ideas aren't based on his own experience, though he is happily involved in a long-term relationship. 10, for a rapt crowd at MIT, Fisman described the results of his "speed dating" experiments, which seem to confirm many of the stereotypes about what men and women want in their partners. Fisman said his findings would not surprise the grandmother of his partner, Ellie.For instance, Fisman's study, which involved about 400 Columbia University students, found that men are less likely to date women they believe are smarter or more ambitious than they are. Grandma Burnstein once told her granddaughter, "Never let a man think you're smarter than him.In the large dating group, men kept to the same proportion of yeses (10 out of 20 times). There are a number of possible explanations for this, including the fact that women might invest more emotional energy in each date and not want to solicit dates from too many potential partners."You can also come up with all sorts of evolutionary psychology explanations — if you believe in that — as to why women do not want to commit to a large number of yeses, whereas men don't have the same inhibitions," said Simonson.Another interesting finding was that women tended to be choosier the more options they had.In the smaller group (10 men and 10 women) both men and women said they would like to see any given person again approximately half the time.

The premise is a simple one: Men and women are matched up for a date for a very short time, usually just a few minutes.Females exhibit stronger racial preferences than males.The richness of our data further allows us to identify many determinants of same-race preferences.Download PDF Iyengar, Sheena, Raymond Fisman, and E. "Racial Preferences in Dating: Evidence from a Speed Dating Experiment." Review of Economic Studies 75, no. Each author name for a Columbia Business School faculty member is linked to a faculty research page, which lists additional publications by that faculty member.Each topic is linked to an index of publications on that topic.

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Subjects' backgrounds, including the racial composition of the ZIP code where a subject grew up and the prevailing racial attitudes in a subject's state or country of origin, strongly influence same-race preferences.

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