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When he didn't, Avery acted as the voice of reason."My daughter even said to him, 'If you don't want to be with Mommy, then do the right thing and split up.' She's angry at him.Stare at any picture of Ramona and Avery Singer long enough, and you'll start to think you're seeing double.And it's not just because Avery inherited her mom's natural beauty, which she definitely did — mama Ramona passed her fashion sense to her daughter, too.However, Avery's obviously a young woman who isn't afraid to spread her wings.

Thanks to her often hilarious responses to her mother's histrionics, the then-preteen became a fast fan favorite.

In 2014, her dad, Mario, got caught up in a messy cheating scandal with a much younger lover by the name of Kasey Dexter.

After being outed, he promised Ramona he would stop seeing Dexter.

In fact, Avery's sartorial style has developed so much over the years and is so similar to her mother's that they essentially share a closet when Avery is home.

In 2011 when the pair attended the Zang Toi runway show at New York Fashion Week, Avery explained, "We share clothes.

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"He did not have a suit or a tux, but it all worked out in the end. " When Avery had the chance to interview her mom for Gen Connect in 2012, she didn't pull any punches. So she has a really great head on her shoulders," Ramona told Divorce is not a fickle thing.

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