Rainie dating

Posted by / 16-Feb-2020 04:50

Rainie seems to value Li Ronghao's character more than his looks, overall.

35 years old Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) accepted her Chinese boyfriend, Li Ronghao’s (李榮浩) marriage proposal and will be tying the knot soon.

For Rainie’s birthday this year, Ronghao wrote on Weibo, “Today is my girl’s birthday.

He wrote, “Today’s my 34th birthday, it is also my wedding proposal anniversary.Although the couple kept their relationship relatively low-key during its earlier stages, they’ve begun to flaunt their love more publicly over the years.In fact, their love story is full of happy, sweet moments.Rainie reveals that she didn't pay much attention to Li Ronghao's face that much.Instead, what she notices first in a guy is his height and bone structure.

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But Ronghao was able to change Rainie’s perspective on love, thus, she can love calmly with Ronghao by her side.