Radioactive dating classroom activities

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Pairs are recommended see accommodations section for suggestions on pairing students.

Teacher will ask student groups to send one representative to gather the materials or teacher may choose to have materials already set out for students.

Students try to model radioactive decay by using the scientific thought process of creating a To compare data; To understand how radioactive decay is used to date archaeological artifacts Teacher Lesson Plan .Radiometric dating methods give absolute ages ranging from decades to billions of years.Radioactive answers on your own paper, and staple your answers to this sheet. Study the chart that shows the half lives of various elements.If we are looking at something that was once living like a fish, dinosaur, tree, or human they may choose to use Carbon, the element found in all living things.If they are faced with estimating the age of something that is not living, they would need to use a different radioactive element that the item contains.

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