Quickie hookups

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If there’s no clear winner, always go with the youngest girl.This was a tip passed down to me from a good buddy I grew up with.The best case scenario is when you convince the girl to come straight over to your place for a drink.If you don’t want the date to continue after the “fun” part, you should let the girl know ahead of time that you only have a couple of hours to meet.I recommend reading my How to Get Unbanned and Tinder Shadow Ban articles to get a feel for how things work these days.I’ve developed methods that help you get around a ban and avoid one altogether.

There are many ways to do this, and some are better than others.The key to scoring a quick hookup on Tinder is simple.There’s a basic process you can use to find a girl who is down.I can pick up a new girl(s) every day with minimal effort using my methods. All the hookups you could ever wish for are right at your fingertips.Scoring a Tinder hookup is still highly possible, but the approach is somewhat different than before.

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Sometimes, they’re just not feeling it in person, and there’s nothing you can do to convince them to hookup. I never took it personally because I always have a backup plan.

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