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Questions from the dating game tv show

At the end the bachelor or bachelorette proposes to the “winner,” who then can either become instantly engaged to this person who they have just met turn it down and risk disappointing an entire live studio audience.Also, no one knows what the proposer looks like until we whittle everyone down to the final two contestants.For the first time, African viewers will get to watch and participate in a show that has been an audience favourite since 1965, airing in over 25 countries.Dating Game Nigeria will give single contestants a chance to find love by asking three hidden suitors a number of questions.where audiences could see everyone involved, viewers are kept at an uneasy distance by also not being able to see the person with all the choosing power.The entire episode hinges on the moment the proposer is revealed and we get to see their face, which means for the time leading up to the reveal, the person we are supposed to be rooting for has all the familiarity of an at-large serial killer.Though Palmer is the host, an unseen, glamorous-sounding woman tells us who the contestants are in the early stages of the competition.

It’s like , I explained, except the entire series of eliminations happens in a single episode.

But when it comes to love she’s hoping to land sunny side up.”The fact that this show takes place in front of a live audience certainly brings the creepy factor down, as opposed to if it were in a private mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Nonetheless, the audience’s enthusiasm feels misdirected. Partially made up of the contestants’ family and friends, they cheer and coo as each vying single person presents themselves — which would seem supportive if it weren’t for the fact that they are cheering these people on to commit themselves to a stranger they know nothing about and none of them or us have ever even seen.

Mo Abudu, CEO of Ebony Life TV, is excited about the new television production.

“Dating Game Nigeria is for anyone who is single and searching – it’s a fun way to meet interesting people and maybe find that special one.

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