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They can shape up a skinny physique well - but also complement a short hairstyle well and make a sex scene more intriguing.

Diversity is key when fucking women, and if you have to choose - make sure you choose small tits women to fuck every time you choose big breasted ones as well.

So don’t be lazy, make it a habit to shave that area regularly for maximum pleasure during sex.

Even if we want to shave, there’s always that fear that you might make a mistake and hurt yourself in the process of shaving down there.

Shaved pussies are cleaner, as evidenced by the way they smell.

Not only will it smell better, you won’t need to sift through all that hair just to get to her wet beaver.

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She might even choke on a hair strand if she’s especially unlucky that day.

A lot of men pay little attention to their appearance, much more when it comes to their dicks.

Sure, having a big schlong is a plus, but if you have lots of hair down there, a blowjob would not be as enjoyable as when your lower area is free of hair.

When having sex, no hair will get caught in the heat of the moment, which means you’ll be able to enjoy banging her all night without worrying if a stray hair will hurt her in the process.

So to sum it up, shaved pussies look better, smell better, feel better, and tastes better that sporting hair down there.

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How to make sure a small tits lady will give you the most pleasure?

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