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between students and profs, they have a sort of FAQ and they address the question- “Can’t a student and faculty member fall in love?” Now it is addressing the process of falling in love that the dankprofessor finds to be exceptional in this context.Are they not aware that students, and more specifically female students are quite capable of initiating and do initiate?

It could be understandable that a faculty member “falls in love” with a student once.

The revelation is that the VIU administrators are the decision-makers, not the professors and certainly not the students.

In the VIU world view, the administrators are the adults who make decisions as to what is best for their children- their profs and their students.

But for some of those adhering to VIU waiting rules, the long wait could very well lead to the waiting prof having a mental breakdown and end up being institutionalized.

Or just when the prof thinks it is now safe to approach ones love object, the prof now finds that he is two months too late and the student has accepted the hand of another, and the other being another professor.

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And I expect that the highly educated and the not so highly educated are also ineligible for falling in love with each other, and so on and so on, no fraternizing with people from the wrong side of the tracks. And, of course, it would be unthinkable, unmentionable, for an administrator to fall in love with a student!

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