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Professional black men dating

Told her point blank that some of the work I have done cannot be discussed on an open forum, and as such isn’t going to be on the resume. What people don’t understand is that my income isn’t as high as many would expect, and it makes me feel insecure about how women may view my current professional station in life.Several reasons for that, one being under non-disclosure working for companies which don’t want certain financial or business transactions to be public, or a company operating in “Stealth Mode” prior to a public announcement. I only began working full time in my 30s; I spent all of my 20s traveling around Eastern Europe—mainly through Peace Corps, Fulbright and language study-abroad programs—and earning degrees.Men like me who are professional late bloomers can conceivably find such dating pools nearly impossible to access when women at this age are beginning to think long term.And I repeat: I don’t have an issue with my financial status; it is something, however, that I find many women care about, and it makes me not even try to put myself out there at all because I feel I won’t measure up in their Excel dating-requirements spreadsheet.Found this article and though it encapsulated modern black professional dating, although it was published 2 years ago.Hate to tell this guy, but even making substantially more than some professional black women I’ve gone out with – it can be difficult.When I took to Twitter several days ago to ask my female followers if they would date a man who earns less money than they do, all replied, “Yes.” In fact, many of them balked at my claims that I have a hard time dating because of my income.I’ve also been told that my background in Russian affairs and European wanderlust lead many black women to assume that I only date white women. (At the egging on of my former boss, I wrote a funny piece about my type of woman called “Sophistiratchet” a few years ago that I encourage you to read, if you have a sense of humor.) Most women are also shocked that I’ve gone as long as five years without sex.

Other than a job interview or meeting a new client for the first time, I don’t get chance to wear the nice suits anymore due to the “full time casual” nature of the tech industry.I’m a senior editor at a website—not an entry-level money earner, but I’m not making six figures, either, so I’m pretty much out of their league with regard to dating.Of course, I’m acutely aware of the fact that many black women have “dated and married down” economically, but I surmise they’ve grown weary of doing so.All my education and travel were fully paid with scholarships, so I guess that means something.But I wasn’t climbing any corporate ladders and adding zeros to my salary year after year during my 20s, like most women my age were doing, so I find myself financially incompatible.

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Don’t talk about the other homes or properties or possessions until things begin to go well, and avoid talking money. Have no intention of retiring off to shuffleboard city.

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