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We've obtained an email exchange between one person who complained about Barksdale to Google and Eric Grosse, an Engineer Director in Google's security group at the company's Mountain View, Calif. Grosse quickly responded to the complaint with a curt email: "Thank you very much for reporting; we'll investigate quietly and get back to you if we need anything more."If Google was already aware of Barksdale's privacy violations, Grosse didn't mention it.

(Barksdale was kicked out of the group after his abuses came to light.) In July, officials at Google were notified of Barksdale's actions.But as this disturbing incident suggests, the biggest threat to kids' privacy might be Google employees themselves. Google "We dismissed David Barksdale for breaking Google's strict internal privacy policies.We carefully control the number of employees who have access to our systems, and we regularly upgrade our security controls–for example, we are significantly increasing the amount of time we spend auditing our logs to ensure those controls are effective."You'll need access to the storage mechanisms," he explained, pointing out that in order to determine the cause of a technical issue with Gmail, an SRE might have to access emails stored on Google's servers to see if data is corrupted.Barksdale's intrustion into Gmail and Gtalk accounts may have escaped notice, since SREs are responsible for troubleshooting issues on a constant basis, which means they access Google's servers remotely many times a day, often at odd hours.

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