Pirate reallifecam cameron diaz and ashton kutcher dating

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They would stand as close as the game would possibly allow, facing each other so it looked like they were smooching.

After a few weeks of this, he asked Pjs to marry him in-game.

They spent many hours laughing together, floating ships and winning pineapples.

They were finally married in real life on December 31, 2005. They used to see each other in the inn on Nu Island, saying the occasional hello as they stood around the gaming table.

Then they started playing spades together regularly (well he needed the help).

Mlik jobbed her aboard his sloop, the Believable Salmon, and she was the only jobber on board. The ship was grappled by a wicked brigand and a melee broke out. Needless to say, Mlik's ship won a vicious battle and after the battle, Mlik shouted, "Good job guys! They had a grand wedding at the palace on Jorvik island on August 1, 2004.

It just started out as a little game and they both never believed in online relationships at that time.

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