Perrette dating

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Perrette dating

A quick refresher: last week’s episode titled “One Step Forward” centered on a vet named Sara Carter who goes to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to investigate the murder of her mother after she thinks they convicted the wrong man.Meanwhile, Abby wins a dinner reservation to The Cooler, a hip and boujee restaurant that is impossible to get into.‘s favorite goth forensic scientist after 15 seasons.In the second part of Perrette’s two-part farewell titled “Two Steps Back,” we see the fate of Reeves (Duane Henry) and our dear Abby as they were held at gunpoint in the previous episode.

In recent seasons, Perrette’s Abby and Harmon’s Gibbs have barely shared screen time — in Perrette’s final episode, Abby didn’t even say an in-person goodbye to her father figure and friend.

When they run tests on it, they discover one of the samples is Reeves’ and the other is from a guy named Kent Marshall who was dishonorably discharged from the army.

Gibbs, Torres, and Bishop pay a visit to Marshall’s apartment only to find that someone got to him before they did. Torres finds a dossier of Abby in the apartment and when they connect the dots they find out that Abby and Reeves weren’t mugged. And they think that the guy that hired him is the one that killed him. Past episode guests come to light as suspects including Terry Spooner (Eddie Jemison) and Alejandro Rivera (Marco Sanchez) — but they aren’t the ones responsible for the hit on Abby.

That makes sense; in addition to starring on the crime drama, Harmon has also been an executive producer for since 2011, and he has producer credits dating back to 2008.

Although workplace retaliation is generally frowned upon, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

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The team attempts to track him down and Abby says that she found him sending Gibbs and the gang to an area that ends up being a dead end — but they figured out that is exactly where she meant to send them.