Penalty for liquidating ira account

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There also may be an ongoing need for more cash flow after the divorce than ones salary, child support, and/or alimony can provide.The lack of ready money can delay or even aggravate the negotiations over the divorce settlement which may only further reduce available cash.Lastly, you could take a loan from your 401k plan instead of doing an early withdrawal.There are risks here, too, (namely you losing your job and the full loan being due within 60 days), but any interest you pay is deposited into your 401k account.The reason you have debt is you spent more than you earned.If you don’t change that habit now it doesn’t matter if you withdraw from your retirement accounts to pay off today’s debt because tomorrow you’ll have more debt.

Here are two examples assuming a 7% annual growth rate.Those are immediate; now let’s look at the painful long term impact.If you withdraw money from your retirement account now it won’t grow along with the rest of your investments.Your to a Roth IRA will never be taxed again so you can withdraw them at any time.(This is why some people get started with a Roth IRA since they can also use it as a quasi-emergency fund if needed.)However, any earnings generated on top of those contributions would be subject to tax and penalties if withdrawn before age 59 and 1/2.

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If you repeat the cycle the next time there won’t be a retirement account to tap to bail you out. You might take a hit on the dollar value, but clean out your house and sell all of your unnecessary items in order to pay off debt.

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