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In a later message, he claimed that one user of his program reported more than 100 profiles to Pay Pal.

A later version of the Thot Bot claimed to draw from over 100,000 profiles, and was disabled by Git Hub a few days after it was created.

Members of the incel community—including the official Twitter account for, a central hub for adherents—have joined with other men’s rights activists, using the content policies of online payment companies such as Pay Pal as weapons to block female pornographic actors and sex workers from making or spending money online.

The campaign is called the “Thot Audit,” in reference to the derogatory term “thot,” which stands for “that ho over there.” It began over the Thanksgiving holiday as a grassroots effort to intimidate sex workers and women who sell access to private pornographic social media accounts by reporting them to the Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion—without evidence of wrongdoing.

A booming, highly profitable community has emerged on You Tube creating content that caters to those with ASMR, where (usually female) You Tubers try to trigger the response in viewers.

Participants in the harassment campaign openly discussed tactics and specific attacks in r/Thot Audit, a public subreddit.Attacking through the payment processors is a new wrinkle on that approach.When Lily Adams, an actor and model who sells access to her pornographic photos and videos, first noticed the Thot Audit movement gaining traction Saturday evening, she took to Twitter, calling it a witch hunt.The new approach extends beyond Facebook and Twitter to the network of largely unseen companies that make the commercial web function---web-hosting companies, domain registrars, security providers, and payment processors.After a gunman allegedly killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, a social media platform he frequented was driven offline for nearly a week when its payment service providers, web host, and domain registrar dropped contracts with the company.

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The tactic has far-reaching implications beyond adult entertainment.

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