Paul eastwick speed dating study

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Paul eastwick speed dating study

If you just started dating someone who has been your friend for the past year, she could have been boosting your self-esteem or exacerbating your attachment anxiety for that entire time.

This means that even though we think we’re studying the effect of individual differences on relationship processes, we may actually be studying the effect of relationship processes on relationship processes.3.

Was relationship formation more common in this group? In the years since, there haven’t been many more attempts to capture relationship formation as it happens; I could probably count these studies on one hand.

The path from strangers to relationship partners is extremely hard to study.

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"We found that the romantic dynamics that occurred at the speed-dating event and during the following 30-day period had little to do with the sex-differentiated preferences stated on the questionnaires," said Finkel.

The speed dating methodology gave the researchers an opportunity not available to earlier generations of researchers to compare stated romantic preferences with actual choices participants made about a series of potential partners.

But what about the time period between initial attraction and "real relationship" status? Successfully chatting up a stranger a la Before Sunrise is not the norm.2.

It’s more or less missing entirely from our literature. There are many studies that examine whether individual differences predict relationship outcomes.

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