Patience dating single dad

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On the other hand, watch out for the more insidiously possessive exes who think you’re a threat to their child’s wellbeing.

Maybe someday they’ll warm up to your presence in their kid’s life.

But just prepare yourself for unpleasant behavior like if the ex badmouths you to the kid to discourage you.

Once a single parent sees signs that you may not be good with their kid or you’re not really stepmom or stepdad material, the relationship may not progress to anything more meaningful than a physical relationship.

This is not to say that when you possess one bad trait, you’re out the door.

Just be aware that when you’re dating the parent, you’re also somewhat wooing the kid if you want your relationship to be more serious. In many rom-coms, the ex of a single parent is usually either virtually nonexistent or completely nuts.

For the sake of his or her heart and the kid, it’s better to be absolutely, positively, 100% sure that your relationship will be successful before any commitment talk can come in.

[Read: 10 signs you or your lover have the fear of commitment right now] #4 The defenses will be up.

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