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Once the story is over, the guests who are left holding the gifts get to keep them.

What I like to do before starting the story is to talk a bit about each of the prizes – again, to get them excited about the possibilities of winning. I love this game for several reasons: Once upon a time not so long ago Ms. RIGHT, RIGHT away they knew it was love at first SIGHT.

Buy them separate so you get the ones that you will use most for your business.

As I said before, if you aren’t playing some type of game at your party, you are missing out.

Soon he got down on his RIGHT knee and took her LEFT hand, And said he wanted to always be her RIGHT man. Soon a RIGHT baby was born into the happy RIGHT home, And Mrs. RIGHT not working the money LEFT would be much less. RIGHT found (company name) and wondered could it be?

Is this something I can do as a mom, is it RIGHT for me?

From nursery rhymes to bible stories, nostalgia to cliches, this pack will have something for everyone. The Candle Rose Dating is my favorite game for taking the anxiety out of asking for a show. Pick out the templates that you love the most, and have a bunch of those made to use at your shows.

-23 Games w/ Instructions -20 Colorful Templates for Games The Candle Rose Dating Game In order to demonstrate at a fantastic party, you first need to recruit guests to become future hostesses. You can either put them in a portable file, or use more sheet protectors. Keep your Party Games for Consultants Binder with you for every show…you never know WHEN you’ll need to pick one out in a hurry!

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You’ll have guests literally crowing about this one! -6 Games w/ Instructions -3 Colorful Templates for Games Ready to get your guests up, moving, and acting silly?

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