Pagdating ng mga amerikano sa labas dating methods stone tools

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It’s easy to be a Basilio more focused in finishing studies than of being concerned with one’s society.

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A story not only of Filipinos imbued with a strong inner dignity but also more particularly of the young Filipino Andres, who refuses to surrender to either American or Filipino oppressors.

Yes, you are correct that much of the older ways and values of loving our country has been made irrelevant, with all the evils this country has seen.

But I would want to believe that we can still put some hope a little hope.

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On the other hand, the less privileged ones, because of poverty, a sense of abandonment, and lack of discernment, would rather not think of the country at large and of the welfare of others. For now, the things that you feel you can do, and enjoy best. Why do you we still have to love our country that can’t love us back? You can start doing new ways of appreciating our country through the means that you know best.

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