Overweight dating service is online dating true

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Overweight dating service

I have nothing against people who are fat or disabled, and I try to look past those issues.But I admit that, sometimes, I can also be shallow and tend to say yes or no based solely on looks.Still, I am frustrated by the fact that I don’t get considered by ordinary, nice guys.What really bothers me is having to send a photo to online dating sites.

Jenine Dear Jenine, You've raised two questions that come up frequently – why do plus-sized men and women get rejected so often as potential dates, and why do so many daters make snap decisions about whether or not to date someone because they don't like what they see in a photograph.

It doesn't matter if the subject of the photo is slender, heavy, plain, well-groomed, or unkempt – if he or she doesn't have “the look” the other person wants, there's not a chance for a date to happen.

And yet, if the two of them were to meet at a friend's dinner table, a business conference, or even a genuine "blind date," they might enjoy the conversation, feel they're making a connection, and decide to continue dating to see if things develop.

If being attractive to a prospective or actual marriage partner is important even during mourning, think how important it must be all of the time.

Contemporary society has conditioned many of us to associate slimness with “beauty,” and many men today are not attracted to heavy-set women.

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If you reject someone because his photo doesn't excite you, you may miss out on the opportunity to meet a great match. Unfortunately, if a prospective date doesn’t see your photo on a dating website, they'll look for one on Facebook, Linked In, and other social networking sites.